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Dallas Financial Specialist Jim Thompson and Preston Hollow Capital

July 19, 2019
Jim Thompson Dallas

Most Dallas business professionals know about Jim Thompson, Dallas financial services specialist, even if they don’t know him personally. He is currently the founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Preston Hollow Capital, LLC. Under his leadership, Preston Hollow Capital has managed to acquire a solid and strong team of experienced professionals. They have a variety of specialties, such as executive management, structuring, trading, credit and business operations, and they have repeatedly demonstrated an ability to work together with clients in a way that delivers the best experience for everyone involved.

Jim Thompson and his Dallas firm serve their clients well, which is probably because of the knowledge, skill and experience he has managed to accumulate over his four decades of service in the financial services industry. Preston Hollow Capital is well-known in Dallas and beyond as a well-capitalized non-bank finance company that has expertise in municipal specialty finance. They do everything necessary to ensure that borrowers and their agents have an experience that emphasizes flexibility, speed, and certainty, because those are the factors that make for the best borrowing experience.